Does it matter where we live?  No, our evaluation sessions are open to all kids regardless of where they live.

My child is interested in coming to your evaluation sessions. what do we need to do?  We ask that you register your child before attending the sessions.  This will make checking in much smoother.  We ask regardless of your situation, please have your child attend the correct session for their birth year.  CLICK HERE to register. 

Does my child need to come to an evaluation session?  To be considered for a travel team, all players must attend a session.  Accommodations can be made for any player interested in playing for GU but unable to attend any session.  Current GU players must also attend a session.

Why does my current GU player need to attend a session?  Evaluators want to compare new players to our current players within an age group.  Input from your child's current trainer will also be used in determining placement for next season.

Our decision to join may depend on the practice schedule.  When is practice?  Exact team schedules are not available until the summer.  All of our travel teams will have 1-90 minute weekday practice (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday), 1-90 minute Saturday practice and games on Sundays. 

What age group does my child qualify for?  Please refer to Birthdate Chart above to determine your child's proper age group.

My child is attending your evaluation sessions, is he/she guaranteed to be placed on a team?  We do our best to offer placement for everyone who attends, but unfortunately it is a matter of numbers.  The WYSL puts roster limits on teams, so in some cases we have too many kids at an age group for 2 teams but not enough for 3.

Can my child play "up" in age?  We do allow players to play in an older age group.  That decision is made with input from the players parents, evaluators, and club president.

Are players trying out to make a specific team?  Absolutely not!  This is not an audition in front of a parent coach to determine if he/she wants to add your child to their existing team.  Players are trying out for their particular age group within the club.

I have heard that clubs have "A" , "B", and "C" teams and the WYSL has several divisions at all age levels.  How does that all work?  When deciding on what club to join, parents usually ask if their child has made the "A" team.  It is not the right question to ask when comparing programs since the WYSL puts age groups into divisions.  A "C" team for Greenburgh United may be a division 3 team where the "A" team from another club may be division 5.  Our "C" team is playing in a tougher division with stronger players than that other club's "A" team. As a parent, you want your child playing with kids of a similar skill level.  Skill level is the primary factor for us when determining placement on our teams.

When does the WYSL determine the divisions?  Divisions are not determined until late summer.

Any advice for my player?  Simply tell them to relax and most importantly have fun.

Any advice for parents?  In some instances when it comes to youth sports, parents inadvertently create unnecessary stress for themselves and their kids.  At GU we try to reduce that stress.  Help us accomplish that by refraining from shouting out instruction to your player during their session.  Most of the time it just frustrates, embarrasses, and confuses them.