We believe simplicity and realism to the game are the most effective ways of assessing the skill level of a player. Complex evaluations can be confusing to the player.  By creating a setting that allows for maximum ball contact and for players to problem solve and make decisions, will help create the environment for a fair and accurate assessment of technical ability and tactical decision making.

First, small-sided games (i.e. 4v4) are utilized to allow for more touches on the ball and, therefore, more opportunities to assess each player individually.

Second, age appropriate games (8v8, 9v9) are utilized to see how a player can perform in what will be their natural game like setting and will show how they react/adjust tactically to altering moments of play, and how they are able to utilize their physical attributes over greater distances.

Players are assessed in relation to the average ability level of the group. This will precipitate more accurate and reliable results.  For this reason we require current GU players to attend evaluations.


Each evaluation session per age group will run for 1 hour.  The first 25-30 minutes players will play small-sided games, the second 25-30 minutes players will play age appropriate/full-sided games..

No goalkeepers

Players to wear numbered pinnies for easy identification and score recording.

Balls situated around the outside of the fields for quick restarts.

Assessor’s Instructions

Players to rotate both fields and playing positions regularly for fair comparison against other players.

Numbers willing, all players will be on the field playing.  If numbers do not facilitate this, (i.e. odd numbers etc.) those players will rest outside of field and will rotate every few minutes with players on the field so every player has a chance to rest and all players have as close to equal playing/assessment time as possible.

Each independent assessor will score each player/field they are assigned to and record each player’s scores impartially using a standardized scoring system.


Each player is assessed in the following five areas:

Individual Possession - Running with the ball, dribbling, turning & shielding

Group Possession - Passing, receiving, angles & distance of support

Attacking - Shooting, scoring attitude

Defending - Closing down, tackling, heading, decision making & positioning

Physical & Psychological - Speed, strengthen, attitude, motivation & commitment


Once the impartial scores for each player are correlated after both sessions have concluded, they will be handed over to the clubs director of coaching and board members, who in turn use the players’ scores to determine proper team placement for the upcoming season.  For current GU players, input from players current trainer will be used as well

When forming teams we do not factor in where a player lives, who their parents know, or take any input from parents.  Parents are only consulted if we feel playing up in age is appropriate. 

Once the teams have been formed, each player will receive a notification email to either confirm their placement on a team or to suggest to try out again next year.