Does it matter where we live?  No, our programs are open to players from all communities.

Who do you use for trainers?  Greenburgh United (GUuses professional certified trainers for all of our travel teams.  Our Director Of Coaching and Trainers from the NY Red Bulls run our Recreation Soccer and Pre-Travel programs.

Could a trainer be one of the players’ parents?  No. GU does not allow player parents to be trainers or coaches for any of our travel teams.  Parents have no input when it comes to curriculum, team formation, team placement, field positions, or playing time.  

Are your professional trainers always present?  Absolutely!  Each travel team is assigned a trainer and that trainer runs all team practices and coaches on game days.  Kids will not have different trainers running practices and a parent from the team coaching on game days.

Speaking of practices and games, how often are they?  All of our travel teams, regardless of age, will have 2 practices a week.  Teams have 1-90 minute practice during the week, 1-90 minute practice on Saturday, and a match on Sunday.  The fall schedule runs for 11 weeks starting in early September.  The spring schedule runs for 11 weeks starting in early April.

Will I be driving all over the place to get to Sunday games?  GU is part of the Westchester Youth Soccer League (WYSL).  The majority of the games are played in Westchester County.  The league does have a few teams from Rockland County, The Bronx, and Manhattan.  Nothing in NJ, Upstate NY, or Long Island.

What is Greenburgh United’s philosophy when creating travel teams?  Our goal is to place players on teams with teammates of similar ability.  We do this for the proper player development and enjoyment of all players, so teams can develop together in a balanced way. The WYSL will then place those teams into divisions where their opponents will also be of the same skill level.  For this reason, travel soccer is appropriate for players of all skill levels.  Parents should focus on whether their child is on the appropriate team based on the players' skill level. Be assured that our teams are not formed by where a player lives, who their parents know, nor by any other non-soccer related factor.

If my child makes a team, is that the team they will always be on?  Not necessarily. Each spring we hold tryouts & evaluations for the next seasons team formations. Our goal is to place kids on teams with players of similar skill level so, our team rosters do change from year to year.

My child is attending your evaluation sessions, is he/she guaranteed to make a travel team?  We do our best to offer placement for everyone who attends, but unfortunately, it is a matter of numbers. The WYSL puts a limit on roster sizes.   

What does the fee I pay include?  The fee goes towards insurance, league fees, fields, referees, and trainer fees.  All age groups in on our travel program pay the same price and receive the same benefits.  When comparing the cost between clubs, the primary difference will be a professional trainer vs a parent volunteer.  GU handles all of the administration for our teams.  Teams are not required to find their own practice fields,  set schedules, or deal with the finances for trainers. Families are not asked to contribute to a team fund to pay for expenses during the season.  GU is a not for profit organization.     

Is financial assistance available?   Yes.  We strongly encourage families to reach out to us to discuss options.